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Qualified performance --- Wang * Jie

Qualified performance --- Wang * Jie

(Summary description)

Qualified performance --- Wang * Jie

(Summary description)

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October 2018 to Japan




June 2019 Keio University Media Design Graduate School Passed




Basic situation of students:




Graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University in Industrial Design, CET-4, Japanese N4






Opportunity to go to Japan:


During the university, I worked on some mobile app and website design projects through work internships. As a senior, I had the idea of ​​studying abroad and started to learn Japanese. I hope to get in touch with a broader and international platform in Japan.




Student readme:


I have made a lot of references during the application process. I feel that the college plan given by the cooperative with Senhe is more personalized and more in line with my inner expectations. At that time, after listening to the course, I communicated with the teacher of informatics. The teacher pointed out the embarrassment of my profession, which is neither a pure science and technology industry nor an art design. In this case, according to me For their own demands and wanting to take an English major, the teacher suggests applying for the Keio University Media Design Graduate School (abbreviation: KMD).


The study in the school is divided into two parts, one is to guide the collection of works by the teacher in charge of the arts, and the other is to follow the sociology teacher to complete the preparation of the book and interview. I have done some projects during college, such as: assisting Volkswagen (China) to develop car-app car-hailing software, designing aerospace big data website for the follow-up project of aviation travel aspect app, VI design of Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Continuing Education, etc. The development of the set was relatively smooth. Under the guidance of the teacher, the project will be sorted and integrated, how to clearly show the ideas of his works to the professor, how to make the storyline logical and attractive, and a little bit of improvement. After I determined the entrance examination goals, I actively communicated with the teacher and the students with relevant experience around me. I learned that KMD professors are more concerned about social topics, so I decided to develop the direction of social apps for young people with physical disabilities. I am committed to improving Barrier-free facility management is not in place, as well as psychological counseling for the disabled. In interviews, questionnaires and desk research methods, he showed his investigation ability and data processing ability to the research plan.




Words for younger generations:


1. You must be autonomous in your examinations, and don't think you can be a giant baby if you report to the school. The entrance examination is for yourself. After the teacher provides useful information, he should take the initiative to absorb and think actively.


2. Get out of the comfort zone, force yourself, don't have procrastination, don't leave yourself behind, and complete the exam in the shortest time.


3. If you want to communicate smoothly with the professor during the interview, you must first be confident. Although his English scores are not satisfactory, but because he often does project reporting during college, he has developed the ability to not be frightened, so he is very confident in communicating with the professor during the interview, and naturally is very good. In fact, the interview process is that the teacher is in Test your communication and communication skills and exercise yourself more often.


4. Finally, welcome to apply for KMD. I am very willing to share with you and answer related questions for you.

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