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What is career planning?

(Summary description)

What is career planning?

(Summary description)


Career planning connotation

   Career Planning refers to a continuous and systematic planning process for career and even life. It includes three elements of career positioning, goal setting and channel design.

   Career planning is also called "career planning", the quality of the planning may affect the entire life course.

  Basic principles of career planning

  Principles of preference

   Only if this matter is something you like, is it possible to persist when you encounter a powerful opponent; do not give up when you encounter extremely difficult circumstances; and do not waver when there is a huge temptation.


  Good at principle


  Do what you are good at to be able to do well; to be able to do well, you can solve specific problems. Only by doing what you are best at can you do better than others and stand out from the competition.


  Value principle


  You have to think that this matter is important enough to be worth doing, otherwise you will not be happy no matter how competent you are.


  Development principles


   First of all, you have to have the opportunity to do it. When you have the opportunity to do it, you have to have a large enough market and enough room for growth.




  Planning method


   Career planning is a general term for a series of services aimed at career confusion and career development.


   Methods include "mirror and ruler", "method and perspective", "information support" and "certainty".


1. The first part of career planning is "career direction positioning", please remember that it is "the most important", it is the "mirror and ruler" of your career, used to see your professional qualities and guide you 5- 10 years of professional accumulation and development.


   Some people will say that it has the function of illuminating and guiding lighthouses, navigation marks and other facilities, which is not excessive. In fact, the career direction gathers your energy and limited resources for you, revealing the difference in the degree of key traits. In short, a firm grasp of career direction and career characteristics is a strategic grasp of career success and the most effective way to grasp it.


   2. "Occupational core competency assessment". For most highly educated people, it is not so necessary. The training of core competencies in the formal education of a university can fully support your basic career development goals.


If you think that your university study is not so smooth or successful, or if you have high career development expectations, it is necessary to conduct a competency assessment through the "Career Core Competency Assessment" to support your career goals and establish an ability The direction and standard of improvement. Its data is the ability norm of enterprise managers.


   3. The tremendous influence of the organizational environment on the career development process of people makes the "career maturity assessment" become the "second most important" service link.


  If you don't have the resources and power, don't try to transform the organizational environment, because the individual does not have such power, this idea is too idealistic. Actively adapting to the environment is a smart choice, and you can grasp it by your own efforts without taking the hands of others.


   Organizational principles, workplace rules, interpersonal strategies, method perspectives, self-management, etc. all mark your "career maturity" level and determine your rate of return. For those who have made great efforts and still cannot be recognized, often blamed for the harsh environment, constantly swallowing or angering, the "career maturity assessment" is your experienced and wise mentor.


   4. Decisions that lack information support are terrible decisions, as the so-called "there are countless ideas in the heart, and the mind is confused and determined".


   Career planning focuses on methodology, because methodology, like values, is a "metaphysical" "path" and a necessary prerequisite. But if it is not combined with the "physical" "tool", the "Tao" has also become an empty talk floating in mid-air.


   Therefore, career planning must ultimately be embodied as "career decision-making", and "career information database" is precisely its information support. Even if the cost is huge and the risk of piracy is extremely high, it cannot cover up the strong voice of professional consultants and clients. Professional consultants and analysts will contribute to this, and its structure and content have undergone repeated design and adjustments, and will continue.


   5. It is unavoidable that after thinking and learning, you still need to get "certainty" support. Especially when faced with complex situations, the choice of trade-offs, strategies, order, priority, and urgency all require the in-depth participation of experts.


  For people


  You are a student or already working, you need to plan a clear future;


  You are looking for a job or will ask for a job, but there is no clear and precise job search goal;


  You are confused about the future, and you don’t know which way to go;


   You don’t like the work you are doing now, and you can’t work hard;


  You are busy every day, but the results are limited;


  You feel that your career development is not smooth and you are hovering, you cannot see the future;


   You are undecided on whether to change jobs; you want a stable job, higher income, and a smooth career development;


   You want to start a business, but do not know if you are suitable for starting a business;


  You want to learn some professional methods and concepts, so as to effectively control your career.


  The above are suitable for solving your own professional problems through professional career planning.

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