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The five stages of a career

The five stages of a career

(Summary description)

The five stages of a career

(Summary description)


Professional management consultants believe that a person's career development can be divided into five stages, grasp the problems that may occur in each stage, and plan in advance, so that you can take the initiative.

   The first hurdle: "green and yellow not connected" stage

Working for 1-3 years is the most "green and yellow" stage of your career: you are neither as "simple" as graduates, nor as "one-sided" like those with four or five years of qualifications, you are in "a bottle of dissatisfaction, "Half a bottle sloshing" state, then at this time if you switch jobs to find a job, its difficulty can be imagined.

   1. The main questions at this stage are:

   "Who am I?" "What can I do?" The main reason for confusion is a lack of confidence and social experience.

   2. Advice and suggested solutions of career management consultants

It is best not to change jobs easily during this time. On the contrary, if you are "quiet" during this time, you will often be able to accumulate valuable work skills and a calm employment attitude during the first "from learning to work" period of your life Many people's "love-hopping" problems often develop from this stage of "unstable nest".

   Second hurdle: "professional shaping" stage

After working for 3-5 years, you will gradually enter the "professional shaping" stage, gradually become familiar with the organizational culture, understand the internal context of the organization, establish a preliminary interpersonal network, after a period of time, your "professional personality characteristics" will be exposed Over: What are your strengths, and which are your inadequacies, so you start to enter the "professional shaping" stage, and make reasonable adjustments and corrections to your career direction.

   1. The main questions at this stage are:

  How to carry out "reasonable adjustment and correction"?

   2. Advice and suggested solutions of career management consultants:

It may be appropriate to change the way of work in the relevant field of your work, such as changing jobs in different departments within the same company, so as to not only expand your horizons, add freshness, but also test what job you are most suitable for. . If you find that your personality and strengths deviate too much from your current job, then you must make a decisive change and immediately change your line. At this time, don’t be greedy for the salary of the existing job and the environment.

   The third hurdle: "career lock" stage

After working for 5-10 years, with your increasingly clear and continuous practice of your own strengths and weaknesses and personality characteristics, you gradually moved from the "career shaping stage" to the "career lock-in stage", and began to determine "what are you doing?" "" At this stage, some people have accumulated relatively rich experience, assumed responsibility for work, exerted and developed their abilities, and laid the foundation for promotion or entry into other professional fields.

   1. The main questions at this stage are:

   "Why haven't I achieved anything for so many years?" "Ideal and reality do not match, do I need to choose again?" The main reason for confusion and personal development goals are inconsistent with the opportunities and career paths provided by the organization.

   2. Advice and suggested solutions of career management consultants:

  If you are still willing to try this job, you should first correct your attitude. You must not be cynical and resentful all day long. Instead, you should engage in combat. Quickly hone and actively explore in the battle, and constantly modify the next process and development direction. Even if you have temporarily "locked in" your type of occupation, don't get through each other's lives every day. On the contrary, we must continue to seek for self-breakthrough more diligently, forcing ourselves to continue to surpass new heights.

   Fourth hurdle: "career development" stage

  Working for 10-15 years, your "career" will become a lifelong "career", which means that you begin to develop from the skills, experience and funds accumulated in the previous "career stage" to the career of life. Maybe you still maintain your original "professional" status at this stage, and you are still running for "the boss's career" every day, but your age and experience have pushed you to the starting line of career development. And you have to run, and you have to run without running. You have to run for yourself. Your family starts to force you to think for them. Your dedication and sense of accomplishment determine that you have to start thinking about yourself.

   1. The main questions you may encounter at this stage are:

   "What should I do in the next years?"

   2. Advice and suggested solutions of career management consultants:

From middle age to middle-aged, many people dare not rashly decide in front of opportunities because they understand the limitations of life psychologically, and they have begun to re-evaluate the value of career and family life. Between about 35 and 45 years old, a career crisis will occur.

   Fifth hurdle: "Stable career" stage

  After 15 years of work, you have entered the "unbelievable year". The early "career stage" and "career development stage" have left you with a lot of accumulation. At this stage, what you need is how to make your career continue to rise in a smooth process. During this period, you still have to constantly observe the market and understand the market, and you can’t relax at all, so you may feel very tired and very hard, but you have seen more, and the ability to withstand pressure has increased a lot, so you You can also be at ease.

All your rhetoric and swearing have become reality at this stage, and you have been pushed to the peak of your career, but the premise of all these wonderful results is that you have to work hard and be attentive in the previous stages. This is the principle that "the world has its own justice, and it pays to return."

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