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(Summary description)



The answer to the question is not based on what you see in the eyes of others, but you think you are essentially like this.

Look at the problem:

1. Are you a trustworthy person?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

2. Do you have a mild personality?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

3. Are you energetic?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

4. Are you understanding?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

5. Are you independent?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

6. Are you beloved?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

7. Are you serious and upright?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

8. Are you compassionate?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

9. Are you persuasive?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

10. Are you bold?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

11. Are you accurate?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

12. Are you adaptable?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

13. How is your organization ability?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

14. Are you proactive?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

15. Are you shy?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

16. Are you strong?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

17. Are you calm?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

18. Are you brave enough to learn?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

19. Do you respond quickly?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

20. Are you outgoing?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

21. Do you pay attention to details?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

22. Do you like talking?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

23. Is your coordination ability good?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

24. Are you hardworking?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

25. Are you generous?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

26. Are you careful?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

27. Are you enjoyable?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

28. Are you traditional?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

29 Are you kind?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

30. Are you working efficiently enough?

Strongly agree More agree Almost agree Disagree

Now managers can use it to understand the working character of subordinates in order to promote their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and ordinary employees can use it to improve themselves.

A little bit more agree than agree

Try to answer the following questions first:

If the answer is very agree, please give yourself 5 points;

If it is more agreed, score 4 points;

If it is similar, score 3 points;

If you only agree a little, please give 2 points;

If the answer is disagree, score 1 point.

Now add up the points of questions 5, 10, 14, 18, 24, 30 to be your "tiger" score;

Add the points from questions 3, 6, 13, 20, 22, and 29 to your "peacock" score;

Add the points of questions 2, 8, 15, 17, 25, and 28 to your "koala" score;

Add the points of questions 1, 7, 11, 16, 21, 26 to your "owl" score;

Adding the points from questions 4, 9, 12, 19, 23, and 27 together is your "chameleon" score.

If you have a certain item far higher than the other four items, you are a typical such attribute;

If you have a certain two points that greatly exceed the other three, you are a combination of these two animals;

If your scores are relatively close, congratulations, you are a person with almost perfect personality;

If you have an item with a particularly low score, you need to work harder on the enhancement of that animal attribute if you want to improve yourself.

Let’s take a look at the different animals, one by one:

Tiger type

Personality characteristics: confident, authoritative, high-decision, competitive, ambitious and like to evaluate. Strong ambition, like adventure, positive personality, strong competitiveness, and confrontation.

Advantages: Ability to control the situation and be able to make decisive decisions; people who use this type of work method have extraordinary achievements.

Disadvantages: When feeling stressed, these people will pay too much attention to the completion of the work quickly, it is easy to ignore the details, they may ignore their own and other people's emotions. Due to their excessive demands and their inspiring nature, they sometimes become workaholics.

The main behaviors of the tiger work style:

Make direct eye contact during conversations;

Purposeful and able to act quickly;

Speak fast and persuasive;

Use straightforward practical language;

The office has calendars and planning points.

Tiger Tiger has a high-dominant trait, strong competitiveness, strong heart, positive self-confidence, and is a decisive organizer. He is ambitious, adventurous, keen on analysis, proactive and has a very strong ambition. As long as he finds his goal, he moves forward bravely, without fear of rebellion and attack, and vows to achieve his goal.

Tiger leaders tend to make decisions with authoritative style. When their deployers have to be highly obedient, they must also have the courage to take risks and admire them.

Peacock type

Personality characteristics: very enthusiastic, optimistic enough, fluent eloquence, good friends, personable, sincere and enthusiastic. Passionate and good

Make friends, fluent eloquence, optimistic personality, strong performance desire.

Advantages: This type of life is lively. Can be exciting, they work efficiently, and are good at building alliances or relationships

To achieve the goal. They are well suited for work that requires public performance, attention, and an open attitude.

Disadvantages: Because of its jumping thinking mode, it is often impossible to take into account the details and attachment to the completion of things.

The main behaviors of the peacock work style:

Use quick gestures;

Facial expressions are particularly rich;

Use persuasive language;

The work space is full of inspiring things.

Peacock Bailey has a high degree of expressive ability, his social ability is extremely strong, with fluent eloquence and warm and humorous demeanor, it is easy to form good ties and establish popularity in groups or communities. Peacock leaders are naturally optimistic and kind, with sincere sympathy and the ability to infect others. They will perform best in a team-based work environment.

Peacock leaders are the most popular and the most popular people in any group, and they are the people who can best blow the leadership horn. As a subordinate of a peacock leader, in addition to being able to work in a team, they must also be humble and decent in their leadership. A peacock leader should not have a tiger leader as the second or subordinate.

On the contrary, if the tiger-shaped leader has a peacock-shaped person who is willing to be the second leader, it will be the best match. Peacock-shaped people are naturally endowed with ideal qualities. They are all involved in tasks such as promoting new thinking, performing a new mission, or promoting a certain propaganda.

There will be excellent performance. They can best use their strengths in a work environment where they develop markets or create industries.

Dr. Shi Ziyi, known as the Taiwanese corporate executive, is a peacock.

Koala type

Koala-type personality characteristics: very stable, good-natured, gentle and regular, not easy to conflict. Acting steadily, emphasizing plainness, having extraordinary stamina, gentleness and kindness.

Pros: They are very sensitive to the feelings of other people, which makes them a source of influence in a collective environment.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to stick to your point of view and make decisions quickly. Generally speaking, they do not like to face disagreements with their colleagues, and they do not want to deal with disputes.

The main behavior of koala style work style:

Facial expression affable;

Speak slowly and gently, softly;

Use agreeable and encouraging language;

Photos of family members are placed in the office.

Koala Gary is highly patient. He is easy-going, calm and self-sustaining; he lives with laws and rules, but he is also calm and easy to deal with difficulties.

Koala-type leaders are suitable for stable internal management, in areas where professional precision skills are needed, or in a workplace environment where the atmosphere is harmonious and there is no urgent schedule, etc., they can best use their strengths. When the company's products are stable in the market, Koala-type business leaders are excellent general helmsmen. But when the enterprise is still exploring the market, tiger-type or peacock-type people seem to have an advantage.

Perhaps, a tiger-shaped person who is brave to open up new territories is a good brother, and a koala-shaped person who is good to others is a good second. It is also a good match. Koala-style leaders emphasize governance by doing nothing, can live in harmony with the people around them without making enemies, and are excellent personnel leaders. They are suitable for rebuilding mutual trust for the company and employees after the enterprise reform. And because they have a high degree of patience, they have the ability to earn long-term benefits for the company, or lay the foundation for the company's sustainable operation.


Owl-shaped personality characteristics: very traditional, pay attention to details, organized, strong sense of responsibility, and pay attention to discipline. Conservative, strong analytical power, high precision, likes to regulate details, with a restrained and reserved personality.

Pros: Born to have the habit of finding out the truth, because they have the patience to carefully examine all the details and come up with logical solutions.

Disadvantages: Putting facts and precision before emotions will be considered indifferent. Under pressure, they sometimes over-analyze to avoid making conclusions.

The main behavior of the owl-type work style:

Few facial expressions;

Slow movement

Use precise language and pay attention to special details;

There are graphs and statistics in the office.

Owl Snow has high-precision ability, its style of behavior, rules are more important than emotions, everything is based on rules, and it is the main idea. He has a restrained personality, is good at using numbers or rules as an expression tool, and is not good at communicating emotions with language or giving instructions to colleagues and subordinates. He is a perfectionist who pays attention to being organized, disciplined and committed.

Organizations with stable architectures and sound systems are best to hire owl-shaped people as leaders at all levels, because owl-shaped leaders like to work in a secure architecture environment and perform best. Its behavior pays attention to institutionalization, and the habit of seeking basis and rules for everything, is extremely suitable for the way of affairs of affairs agencies. However, when an enterprise needs to reorganize its goals, restructure its structure, and change its processes, the owl-shaped leader will get lost and do not know how to do things or how to manage himself. For reform actions, the former will maintain a wait-and-see attitude before slowly adapting to the new situation; the middle will also maintain a wait-and-see attitude before submitting their resignations; the latter will gather opposition and openly express their opposition or obscurity To engage in actions such as opposition.

Because the behavior style of the owl-shaped person is based on data and rules, its intuition and adaptability are low, and its creativity and innovation ability are relatively weak, so it is not suitable for those who need to create or innovate. task. Organizations that are well-organized and stable can be managed by owl-shaped enterprises.

They respect the tradition, attach importance to the structure, seek the basis of everything and love the character of work stability, which is the source of the stability of the enterprise. However, because they pay attention to institutionalization and seek basis and rules for everything, they will regulate the details and check everything to be correct, even to be precise and do not hesitate to criticize others or fault others, so as to show themselves everything The attitude of doing things according to regulations and the spirit of seeking perfection are not easy to maintain the unity and cohesion within the team.


The advantages of chameleon-style work style: good at adjusting his role to adapt to the environment at work, and has good communication skills.

Disadvantages: Looking at the chameleon ethnic group from the perspective of others, they will feel that they have less personality and principles.

The main behavior of the chameleon work style:

Combining the traits of tigers, peacocks, koalas, and owls, it seems that they do not have a prominent personality, but they are good at integrating domestic and foreign capital; there is no strong personal ideology, which is the value of their affairs.

Chameleon Cole is highly adaptable. He has a fickle personality and is extremely flexible in his handling. He can adjust his decisions and even his beliefs in order to adapt to the requirements of the environment.

The chameleon leader is a combination of dominance, expression, patience, and precision. He has no prominent personality, is good at integrating internal and external information, is inclusive, and will not be hostile to the world. They are well-rounded, extremely flexible, and have room for everything. They will never go to the extreme of extremes. They are a person who can do things with peace of mind.

However, because they have become good at their expertise, they will not have any positions or principles, nor will they have any effective loyalty to anyone. They are Feng Dao-style characters. The subordinates will be unable to bear their fickle and unprincipled behavior; when they are bosses, they will worry day and night that they will be "sold" by them. A chameleon leader has neither a prominent personality nor a strong personal consciousness about things. He seeks neutrality and tends to stand in a position without a position. Therefore, in a conflict environment, it is a compromise. Master. Because they can be closely integrated in various environments, they can carry out various internal and external negotiations for enterprises, as long as the tasks are clear and the objectives are clear, they can properly complete their tasks.

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