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Plan your career and make good use of your talents

Plan your career and make good use of your talents

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Plan your career and make good use of your talents

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Career planning proverb: There is a kind of victory and defeat. The most glorious victory and the most tragic failure are not in the hands of others, but in the hands of yourself. Everyone has different personalities, temperaments, interests, and different talents. The innate talents of human beings enable you and me to do our best in the workplace naturally and easily.

In career planning counseling, many people seek help in order to switch to a new career track. When they describe their unsatisfactory career at that time, they often point out various subjective reasons why they think they are not satisfied with their work. Planners conducted tests on their talents and aptitudes, and showed that up to 90% of the subjects' abilities were not compatible with their work. Therefore, even if these people manage to solve their predicament and problems, they are still not satisfied with their work.

People who complain about their work often just complain about their bosses, salary, working hours, tedious work or stress, but they do not know the root of the problem. The annoying boss and unreasonable work schedule are usually just icebergs. Just a corner. One of the root causes of the problem is that his talents do not match his profession.

What happens when talent is incompatible with reality? For species other than humans, it will face the fate of extinction; however, because human resilience is above all things, we can only survive at a painful price! Outstanding performers are often good at using their talents, and are never tired of it.

If a person's important talents cannot be exercised, they will often become tired of work; if they do not have the necessary abilities to work, they will usually be frustrated or face a bottleneck in their career.

When someone's job performance is poor, the boss may make an inappropriate assumption, mistakenly thinking that the employee's personality is not suitable for the position, not encouraged, not smart enough, or has some personality flaws. About half of the bosses were able to find out the reason correctly, while the other half of the bosses couldn't get the insight. The original problem was that the talents and occupations of the employees were not properly matched. If the boss who cannot recognize the root cause intends to change the status quo, it will only make the problem worse.

Suppose there is a high school student with rich imagination and quick thinking. If he joins the debate society, he will not only make his talents play, but also make his life full of fun and greatly improve his self-esteem. If not, if the student is required to take the history class according to the rules, he may choose to suspend school in order to preserve his dignity, and he may drift away from the mainstream social class. Eventually, he may become unemployed, idle, or become a criminal.

Talents give you and me the ability to deal with certain affairs with ease and ease, but for other matters than talents, it is regarded as a big torment. Talent is very different from the knowledge, skills, and interests acquired from acquired learning. People's interests will change, and new skills and knowledge will be constantly acquired. However, talents will follow people throughout their lives and cannot be changed throughout their lives. However, you can make good use of it to make the talent as much as possible. The more you understand your unique talents, the more likely you will have a successful career.

The difference between an unsatisfactory career and a truly satisfying career is that the latter already possesses all the important factors we emphasize, including talent.

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