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How to increase your gold content in the workplace?

How to increase your gold content in the workplace?

(Summary description)

How to increase your gold content in the workplace?

(Summary description)


Everyone wants to play their greatest role in the workplace and reflect their own value, so how can we maintain and enhance our competitiveness in the workplace at all times and make our careers show an upward trend?

【Self-analysis, know yourself】

Many people can't soberly understand themselves, understand what their strengths are, and think about where to go next based on this. For example, in college entrance examination, many people will apply according to the so-called popular majors in the society, instead of thinking about what is more in line with their own interests. As a result, they will find that they face many difficult problems when they are employed. Once blind obedience, lack of goals, and peace of mind have become the norm in a career, constant self-increasing points will inevitably become empty talk.

Therefore, the correct approach should be to evaluate your own advantages and analyze what kind of professional status you can use to your full advantage and reduce your disadvantages. Self-recognition and evaluation is a continuous process that can be completed through professional assessment or frequent discussions with teachers, friends, family members, and supervisors.

[Use time and arrange reasonably]

The most fair place for God to everyone is time, and everyone has 24 hours a day. Smart people will make good use of time to maximize the effectiveness of these 24 hours, and this becomes the key to personal "different."

Time management is a great subject. The first point is to make full use of every second of available time to add value, followed by reasonable arrangements to formulate a complete and efficient work plan. For example, if you can get up early every day and come to the company early, you can have more time to think about and arrange a day's things, and you don't have to worry about always working overtime because you can't finish your work.

[Dare to take more and ask more]

In the workplace, he also has to learn to take responsibility and enrich himself in practical use, which is very important for personal career development. At the same time, to change the past misunderstandings about "self-value-added", "self-value-added" is not just to take more training and get more certificates, but more importantly, apply the learned skills to daily workplace work.

In the years of HR management work, I found that many people wrote beautifully in their resumes, but when he conducted interviews with behavioral interviews, he found that these job seekers often answered unanswered questions and lacked the experience of actual introduction and implementation, often thinking that in lectures What I heard or read in the book is my knowledge. In fact, there is a big gap between the two.

It can be seen that HR prefers the ability of personal practice and application. Even if a certain skill is learned through training, it can only be converted into self-ability through inspection in actual work. Therefore, it is recommended that professionals should seize every opportunity to learn, dare to try, and have the courage to ask questions and accumulate practical operational experience.

【Facing the challenge directly and jumping carefully】

Any occupation requires a certain amount of accumulation to have a qualitative leap. Without 2-3 years of accumulation, it is difficult to have a deep understanding and grasp of a job. Frequent job changes not only make you lack of career reserves, but also become The "point deduction" item in HR's mind.

How to distinguish between beneficial and unhelpful job-hopping? The key also lies in the motivation for changing jobs-not because of the bad job and unsatisfactory decision to change jobs, but to see if there is a better opportunity waiting for you.

There is no 100% satisfactory job, if you change because of bad, avoid, it will only affect the continuity of personal career and precipitation of experience. Only by actively facing the challenges encountered in the professional process, learning to adapt to the environment, and overcoming the difficulties, can we finally achieve the best price and accumulate the cost of changing jobs.

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